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In the plaza outside the Aquarium of the pacific, Long Beach Carnevale brings  festivities modeled after those in The Carnival of Venice in, Italy, "Carne-val-e". Having lots of spectacular costumes, masks, photography,  bands, and shows. Carnevale is a mesmerizing show  for all.


In Shoreline Village, Long Beach Mardi Gras has the traditional flavor of a Fat Tuesday with parade, Southern cuisine, beads ,bands, music, and entertainment. the long beach mardi gras has been in rainbow harbor for 6 year

straight and it has a very cemented precense in long beach.

the long beach mardi gras also as a main focus has a parade that goes the leangth of the whole harbor from the long beach aquarium to shoreline village. This a big favorite of the comunuty the long beach mardi gas parade, for people to watch and people to march in the rainbow harbor with the  long beach mardi gras parade.



Together the Long Beach Mardi Gras and Long Beach Carnevale bring an amazing event with free admission  in Rainbow Harbor with something for everyone.




Long Beach Carnevale is the only event of its kind in the L.A. area properly modeled after the Venetian Carnival in Italy. Long Beach is the perfect place for Carnvevale festivities. Together the Long Beach Mardi Gras  partnership with Long Beach Carnevale bring something you cannot miss. If you are familiar with Mardi Gras, you'll discover that Carnevale is different, but in its own way an amazing festival that will surprise the Mardi Gras goers as they discover Carnevale.

the long beach mardi gras is in shoreline village

and the long beach carnevale is in the aquarium of the pacific






Mardi gras is a celebration from the origens of religion  born in France

the American version is less and less to the original party which came

from the need of letting off a little steam after the rules of the church

Long beach mardi gras will give  you the fun no religion  


Carnevale has also its religios history even in italy those are not too

much part of the celebration  what it part of the celebration is the costumes and the masquerade Long Beach Carnevale will give you that.

As relious history carnevale means meat is allowed. therefore visit restaurnat in the rainbow harbor or specially one of our sponsors

Outback stake house in long beach where there is lots of meat

and a carnevale party

The Mardi Gras in Long Beach has had a 5 year history and has made good times roll with  the parade

that moves across rainbow harbor. No doubt 2013 will not be missing the parade again.

The parade gets people lined up in sections to see the score of paraders and envoy the laughter with

their friends or family who came with to watch the parade. Put together by the Long Beach Mardi Gras

the parade year after year is always a hit.


As for Carnevale it is a new addition to the celebration while bringing new fans and people to long beach it does make an effort not to confuse people between the Long Beach Mardi Gras and the Long Beach Carnevale. While the Long Beach Mardi Gras is about fun in all ways that can be accommodated with the yellow green and purple. The Long Beach Carnevale is entirely about the drama, beauty mystery of the costumes in the Venetian masquerading tradition of Italy. But it does not miss music bands  and gatherings. It is fun in a different European way than the Long Beach Mardi gras This 2013 the costumes will be so spectacular that you would really have to go to Venice Italy to catch anything similar.  






We were very glad to have  seen you Feb 2013 outside the Long Beach Aquarium, and in Rainbow Harbor with all the things we prepared for you.


We will prepare more for 2014 with our Venice Italy carnival  model. Long Beach Carnevale brings the flavor of Venice to

Long Beach.There are some exciting things we are working

on for 2014 .


Since Long Beach Mardi Gras is quite larger people mistake Carnevale for Mardi Gras, therefore we would like clarify

something until nearing Carnevale 2014



Outside The Long Beach Aquarium





The Long Beach

Carnevale is a

masquerade in

the true fashion

of the carnival of

Venice Italy.  As

the main focus is

the many elaborate

masked costumes

that people show

off with as well as

the crowd that

participates with

them .Also many

of our guests enjoy

the fun as they

dress up.


This Celebration

is a display of



mystery, music

performers, and


All of it with the main

objective of having fun

and letting go.


Masks Make Us










5 years

of Caenevale



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